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Investing-Managed Accounts

If you cannot handle the day to day market volatility but wants to take the advantage of portfolio diversification, Here is the option for HNI Investors. These are management of client commodity trading accounts with the help professional trading advisors using successful methodologies and strategies.
  • Accounts advised by expert analysts.
  • A perfect way of investment for HNI's.
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Commodity Managed Accounts

Globally derivative instruments are handled by professional traders as it involves more risk as well as more return. New financial market conditions making more people to concentrate on derivative instruments. But trading without much experience and knowledge need caution on your assets.

E-mandi is providing a diversification and reduction in portfolio volatility for our investors through this program. Managed Account aim to provide protection against your portfolio risk and inflation. We deal with only liquid commodities. Our reduced risk management aims to minimize the loss and the maximization of profit. We advise normally with fixed loss strategies.

Advantages of Managed Accounts

Commodity managed account provides inflation advantage for investors.This program concentrate mostly on Gold,Silver, Crude Oil, Base metals and some selected highly liquid agri products.Investing in Bullion (Gold & Silver) and crude oil will give you an exact return on Commodity boom.The sytem has been tested for last 5 yrs and is giving 95% accurate result on every month.To know more about system and trading strategies contact us on

Investment & Charges

  • Minimum Investment --25,00,000INR
  • Brokerage & other charges has to paid to the broker for every trade.
  • Other charges include CTT,Transaction charges, stamp duty and service tax.

Risk factor

  • Total risk capital- 10% (2,50,000/-)
  • Single trade risk capital-10% of Total risk Capital (25,000/-)


  • Investment returns are taxable as short term capital gains with respective slab.

How does the Managed Accounts program works?

  • Investor has to open a commodity trading account with the commodity broker reffered by E-mandi Trading.
  • Investors need to invest 25,00,000 INR or more to come under managed Accounts Investment.
  • Investor has to deposit funds to his/her own trading account with the broker for margin and MTM.
  • We are aiming a medium & short term investment using this program.
  • Experienced commodity Managers will advise on Investor accounts.
  • Investor has to sign an authorization letter with E-mandi Trading for the order execution activity.
  • Investor will receive trade confirmation as an sms after every order execution.
  • Investor will receive contract note and confirmation from the broker daily.
  • Investors can monitor the ledger balance of the accounts everyday with broker.
  • Investors will receive sms alert on everyday for the balance in your trading account with broker.
  • Investors can withdraw the fund anytime with in 24 hrs.But then profit/loss will be settled with the account.
  • Commodity managers will loose authority to advise for Investor's account loosing 10% of Capital.